Creation exists within a fixed 4 dimensional linear narrative, of course we can erase, rewrite, or paint over.  But eventually the creator must have the rock of eye knowing when the piece is finished. A poet must settle on one final grouping of deemed perfect words, the same goes for a painter with brush strokes on canvas, even a programmer of generative art must decide on their final code at some point, even this code generates new code, it is still linear. (this extends outside of creative output)

Does our creative output’s/art’s imperfections really make it more beautiful? There might have been different imperfections that could have made it more beautiful.  Is trusting the artist’s decisions against this linear reality where the beauty in viewing art arises? (Human free will is already under heavy debate. It we look past the biological debate of our brain speed vs perception, and instead look at the quantum level debate where if infinite dimensions exist with every possible quantum outcome, then we have already made every “decision” both past and present.  We just exist as viewers in one of those)

I use the term “decision” for simplicity in this exercise.  A “decision” represents a larger scale branching event, where there is a chance of multiple action paths that can be followed based on the “decisions” of the artist..  The quantum theories scale events on a subatomic level, but for our case it will represent an artist’s “decision” to do one action over another.

Well what if we could step outside the blinders of the 4th dimension and look at every possible outcome as a piece of art.

Quantum physics says we can(or at least we can imagine it).  This is thanks to Everett's “many worlds interpretation” of quantum mechanics.  A current mainstream interpretation that views reality as a many-branched tree, wherein every possible quantum outcome is realised on the entire length of the space time continuum. Many-worlds reconciles the observation of non-deterministic events, such as random radioactive decay, with the fully deterministic equations of quantum physics.

The famous Schrödinger's cat model among others is explained by the mechanisms in this physics interpretation. The main conclusion being that the universe/multiverse is composed of a quantum superposition of very many, possibly even non-denumerably infinitely many, increasingly divergent, non-communicating parallel universes or quantum worlds.

When zoomed out from the quantum level this provides us with the a theory that every deterministic action we take there is another universe that exists/created that has an alternate action.

Not too literally but as an thought experiment based on this theorem: every stroke a painter makes, or word a poet writes, “creates” an infinite number of other dimensions where the creator made another choice.  The poet chose a different word or the painter chose a different color or location to paint.  If we can visualize our way outside Everett’s and Stephen Hawking’s orthoginal