Existing in the world we have created, an individual many times find themselves as the prisoner archetype. A prisoner to time run by the dictators of authority and law.  A muzzle on a rare miracle in the universe, consciousness.

Rather we should realize that reality is benevolent.  We need to surrender to the idea that reality is noble, compassionate and ultimately healing, and that we are part of the process.  We are ultimately “safe”, for outside our projections of this measure there is no such thing as “unsafe” (is this contradictory to a benevolent reality).  And all aspects of the continuum of human experience if you study any given moment, or mind moment is absolutely perfect, no matter how frightening that moment may be.

Even the darkest moments are just a different flavor of ecstasy.  We are in an ecstatic space that sometimes has these moments of ecstatic terror, fear, paranoia, sadness or heartbreak but ultimately it is benevolent and sweet.  It's wonderful to get to share and be part of this experience.  

So many people are missing the opportunities to see this because their view is clouded by helplessness (myself included?).  They are missing a great deal of doors that are opening around them that they are being trained not to walk through. In turn, they are missing opening doors for others.

Even when we are laying on our deathbeds, there is going to be identical form of resistance to these moments of transcendent synchronicity (taking the helplessness away to experience all moments as perfection) we’re are going to experience these moments of resistance as we begin to let go of our physical bodies, this is why meditation and psychedelics are training for death. (Something about starting to train oneself through art)

The more we can learn to let go to the resistances and experience these moments, and stop being the niagress (find out what terrance was saying here) itself, and have the beauty flow out into time, it's going to be that much easier to let go of our meatbodies, the ultimate psychedelic moment is releasing into the infinite. In the meantime we can polish up this existence.

The synchronicities aren’t just happening around us, they include us, so these multiple variations of ecstatic nature, the multiplicity of the self, can be found from just watching others. Not only the multiplicity of our own selves is found in others, but within each experience.  We are everything all the time. We are a singularity, we are perfection.  That is why I am painting moments that represent all of the ecstasies in one.  Our totem pole compressed into one idol.