Artist Statement


At the crux of Timothy Kuzmeski’s artistic process is the allegorization of the human condition. Intent on fusing a myriad of practices in order to inform his own, whether that assumes the form of abstract painting or experimental photographic paintings or generative computer programming, he pulls from the seeming minutiae of life and imbues it with meaning. The entire universe, he is certain, can be distilled into the micro. And the connective tissue between disparate perspectives can materialize, with great concentration, by way of pictorial representation. Where language fails, images triumph. And it is in the terrain of images that he aims to hone the agent that will bond a varied host of humans.  

Though deeply immersed in the physical, as is the very nature of existence, he is in perpetual communication with the metaphysical. But instead of attempting to discard the former in order to grapple with the latter, he attempts to subsume himself in it so completely that self-awareness is lost and senses, absorbed. And it is in this netherworld that divinity can be attained and felt. What Timothy then strives to do is not just transmit this divinity for himself, but report back to the conscious world his findings.

In recent years, the thrust of Timothy’s work has, both explicitly and implicitly, engaged with Essence. As social media becomes increasingly ubiquitous, the ability to emote and detect unadulterated energy becomes increasingly challenging. Obliterating the ego and probing into the core of humanness also becomes an even more trying endeavor. This is precisely what incentivizes Timothy to, not just record, but produce as well as interact with the undercurrents and vibrations of life. And after eight years of studying and practicing tantric meditation, he feels as though he has finally reached a place where he is confident in the ability to generate energy and movement, allowing him to transcend and subsequently transmute the intangible into the tangible.

In many ways a purist, Timothy also has no qualms with using seemingly unorthodox tools (passive erogenous stimulators, meditative practices, consciousness altering substances) in order to escape from the limits of human condition and enhance consciousness. Adding to this, Timothy utilizes modern tools such as virtual reality programming, EEG experimentation, binaural frequencies and alternative printing processes in order to more aptly convey the previously referenced allegorization of the human condition.  All such tools, he believes, help to facilitate the ability to tap into what pulsates beneath the surface of our constructed reality. We are, after all, made up of the same matter that has been rearranging itself for billions of years and so what constitutes our physicality is one in the same. But beyond molecular composition and beyond the sum of our parts is an Energy. And it is this Energy that Timothy has dedicated himself to harnessing.

Just as Muybridge traced the body through time, Timothy traces the body through vibrations, which in turn transport him beyond the realm of physics and toward the quintessence of existence. A million times the speed of light, to paraphrase Vonnegut, it is this awareness (soul) that is the relatively new and beautiful quality that now must be accounted for when pondering the mysteries of the cosmos.

Timothy’s work is thus an attempt to mirror and capture the cosmos, teeming with the spirit of awareness. And by doing so, he hopes to channel humanity’s vibratory patterns and blur what ostensibly separates us. Though cognizant of the fact that we all, in a way, inhabit our own tiny universes, he has devoted his life’s work to shortening the aesthetic distance between his fictional reality and the viewer’s own conscious reality in order to convey the commonalities of existence and what makes us all so distinctly human. By doing so, he hopes that the viewer will not only find themselves engrossed in his illusory world, but those of all humans.